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Chef David Slater

Chef De Cuisine / Emeril's Flagship Restaurant


Dining by the hands of Liz Gober is always a treat. I have known Liz for years and have been entertained at her home many times. She has such a passion for food and hospitality. I am a professional chef by trade and I am always impressed by her love and understanding for the ingredients she uses to provide an extremely memorable dining experience. My days off are sacred to me and I feel that they are well spent spending an evening with Liz! I always take something home with me besides a contently full stomach.

Kerrie Martin

Wellness Coach / Live in Ryhthm


The energy that Liz creates in her kitchen is magical. From the moment you step inside you will feel welcome and curious and immediately struck by her passion for nourishing food and community. Liz is adventurous and creative and masterfully combines ingredients into incredible tasting dishes. She is patient and has an easy-going approach that makes you feel relaxed and inspired to re-create what you learn from her in your own kitchen.

Jacob Shur



For a multitude of reasons, Liz Gober’s kitchen is unlike any other.  One cannot forget the wonderful aromas coming from her kitchen or the delicious taste of the unique foods she is so adept at crafting.  In addition to the five senses that Liz so wonderfully stimulates, she also has the special ability to nourish a sixth sense of feeling welcome.  Liz has an unparalleled gift of being able to bring education, friendship, and community into a kitchen.  


I have had the opportunity to learn from Liz at my house and in her fabulous kitchen. On the first occasion I hired Liz to help me craft a nutritious, tasty and quick meal that my partner and I could cook mid week. liz came to our home with the necessary ingredients and walked us through the various cooking steps while instructing us on proper techniques. Just learning simple ways to handle a knife and cut an onion more effeciently (not to mention safely).  She really made it worthwhile as these are skills I use repeatedly. Liz left us a pork tenderloin recipe that we now use multiple times a month.


On the second occasion, I brought together a small group of friends to learn how to cook mole. Liz again did all the shopping (22 items in a mole) and had all of the ingredients portioned and ready to go. We spent the afternoon and evening transported by the delicious aroma of nuts, fruit, chocolate and pepper.

Jennifer Pearl

Pilates Expert

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